June 2013:

Getonline@home launches £24 PC, with broadband for just £2.99 per month, to help the 10.8 million Brits who do not use the internet

* New offer introduced for National Digital Inclusion Conference 11/12 June 2013

* Deal will transform lives of those that are missing out socially, emotionally and    economically

* Potential saving for UK consumers of £3 billion if everyone used the internet

From 11th June 2013, getonline@home is launching a £24 refurbished PC with broadband from £2.99 per month, to help the staggering number of digitally excluded Brits get online – including 10.8 million aged 15 and over who do not use the internet1, 16 million who still don’t have basic online skills2, and 800,000 of the most disadvantaged UK schoolchildren who do not have home internet access3.

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With at least 75% of jobs now requiring online applications and the Government wanting 80% of submissions for universal credit to be online, and potential savings of £3 billion a year if the digitally excluded shopped online4 – this new offer could be a lifesaver and help get Britain booming.

Created in direct response to the huge consumer need, this price (less than £60 per annum) is a fraction more than the cost of a typical family weekly shop. Getonline@home is providing:

For those on eligible benefits5 – A refurbished PC for £24 with broadband from £2.99 per month or a refurbished laptop for £74 plus the same broadband costs. Both include Windows 7 Pro with Microsoft Office Basic – which alone would cost approximately £150.

For those not on eligible benefits – A refurbished PC for £74 with broadband from £2.99 or a refurbished laptop for £104 plus the same broadband costs. Both include Windows 7 with Microsoft Office Home and Student.

To benefit from this deal people need to call 0800 090 1297, or visit A start-up leaflet will help get the new owner going and there are lots of useful guides on the website.

The offer is made possible thanks to Microsoft supplying the software, Simplifydigital providing the broadband advice and range of deals, and Partners IT supplying the hardware.

Chris Williams, at Getonline@home says:

“We are delighted to be able to make this extraordinary deal available to offer real help to people that need it. Never before has anything like it been made possible and we know it will benefit all those who have previously not been able to get online.”

Baroness Lane-Fox, who established Go ON UK which aims to make the UK the most digitally skilled nation in the world and was founder of says:

“With the cost of internet access cited as a key reason for not being online, this is an incredible saving and will transform the lives of everyone that hasn’t been able to get online before. With so much online now, from paying bills and banking to job applications, connecting with people and getting the very best deals, being online is no longer a nice to have, it is an essential.”

Since launch in 2010, getonline@home has supplied over 23,000 computers across the UK. All the refurbished PCs and laptops are designed to do the basics well, with minimum spec of 60Gb harddrive and 2GHz processor.


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